European Languages Day

26th September 2019
For the European Day of Languages on Thursday 26th September, we started the celebration with delicious French pastries in the playground at 8.40 when the gates opened. 
Then, we had a special assembly where we put on the world map all the countries where the children from Christ Church come from. 
During the week, all classes took the register in different languages and they did cross curricular French and geography lessons and found information about different flags, countries, cultures and languages.

Year 6 enjoyed working in pairs on a research project about all the different European countries. They used IPads to help them locate a country on a map, draw the flag, find out the language(s) spoken, the traditional food and dress, the capital city, the currency and interesting facts about one European country. At the end, they displayed their work and shared their findings with the rest of the class.

Year 2 were really enthusiastic about choosing a country and then searching for the colours of the flags in the Atlas. At the end, they presented their work together as a beautiful mosaic of flags.

Year 3 had a great time learning the name of the continents in French and making a paper fortune teller to test their knowledge. Children loved folding and playing with their paper hen.

Year 1 had a lot of fun designing their own flag of an imaginary country using a blank template. We discussed the name and the language of their made-up countries.

Year 4 will take part in the European Day of Languages T-shirt Contest. They will make their own design to enter the competition for the new official 2020 European Day of Languages T-Shirt. The winner will have their layout printed on it and will win 10 T-shirts to share with his or her classmates! Bonne Chance Year 4!
5WB celebrated European Day of Languages with a visit from Anastasios' mum to tell us all about life in Greece.  We found out about Greek schools and were surprised to hear that Greek children don't eat lunch at school. They also don't have half term holidays but they do have very long Summer holidays. We decided we preferred our homework system because in Greece the children have homework every day. Anastasios' mum also brought in some very tasty Greek food for us to try. We all loved it and gave her cooking a very big thumbs up!