Eggs-hibition and Choco-lottery

6th April 2017

Yesterday was a very busy and exciting day for the children at Christ Church. We had two of our annual events the Chocolottery and the Decorate an egg competition.

We had many entries for the egg competition, they were all amazing! The two mystery judges found it very hard to choose but after much deliberation the winners for each of the four categories were as follows:

  1. In 1st place – Eli 1AS, Alfie 2KF, Isabel D 4ED and Aaliyah 3CE and Harry 2KH for the family entry.
  2. In 2nd place – Charlie RVR, Mollie 2KF, Alice 6SB and Lucas 2KF, Isla RVR and Evelyn RVR for the family entry.
  3. In 3rd place – Chiara 1AS, Mimi 2KH, Ebba 5WB and Abie 4ALM and Aaron 2KH for the family entry.

Thank you as always to parents and carers for the time you give to support the children with these events.


After lunch we then quickly moved into an afternoon of what can only be described as an extravaganza of excitement! The children all sat with their tickets in the hope their number would come up. By the end of the afternoon every child won some chocolate egg treat, that is over 350 treats!  £475 of funds were raised from choco-lottery raffle sales which helps us to nearly complete our £2000 target for loos in Ethiopia.