Cliff the Cat

11th January 2018
We had a special, feline visitor to school on Thursday - 'Cliff The Cat'. He was here to promote a brilliant project involving Christ Church and Clifton Down Shopping Centre
The project is called 'Refresh Your Footprint'. Its aim is to;
* Reduce the Clifton Down SC impact/footprint on the environment
* Increase involvement in 'refresh' and 'recycle' initiatives for tenants and visitors to Clifton Down SC
* Encourage children in the local community to learn about the environmental benefits of recycling
* Dovetail with the waste audit at Clifton Down SC and sustainability programme of owners Black Rock

Classes from Christ Church have been decorating some gigantic, wooden feet, using recycled materials. These feet will form part of an art installation to be displayed at the shopping centre, and unveiled on Friday 19th January. Stay tuned for more information and photos of the Big Feet.