Year 6 Camp Whitemead 2019

Suddenly, Year 6 arrived at camp. Furthermore, they got into groups. Unexpectedly, the teachers were bored of using fronted adverbials. 


We've arrived; so stop worrying!


The coach journey was great, if a little deafening. Songs were sung; teachers put in their earplugs but thankfully it was all over in the blink of an eye.


We piled off the bus to a cacophony of smiling faces - Mr Campbell included - and were thrown into our first activities. We climbed trees, built crate towers and buggys but most importantly - friendships.


All our fears were unfounded as we raced into our dorms and scurried to get the best bed. After that we were called for our first supper - a delicious platter of chicken nuggets, chips and sweet corn! Don't worry parents there was a side of salad too (well done to the few that ate theirs!)

With full bellies, full hearts and rosy cheeks, we headed outside for some free time then got to know our enthusiastic instructors. Whilst half of us played beat the elite the others went on a night hike where we were on the lookout for wild boars and plastic trees. 


What's happening tomorrow we hear you cry!? Well whatever it is it will come with a BIG dose of FUN! 


Over & Out  




Day 2

We woke up to a blazing sun very excited for what lay ahead.

Soon we rushed off to breakfast desperate for something to eat.

With a full belly we started our first activity-fencing-which was very painful thanks to Paddy and Paul- also known as ‘The Slashers…’

Our second activity was an archery adventure where Aalto wore a fetching mediaeval robe! Nobody was actually hurt but there were a few near misses.


Then LUNCH!!!

Alex would like his Mum to know he had a lot of salad. Aalto went for the vegi-burger option and was vaguely disappointed. Mrs Derrington thought it looked lovely.

Free-time followed and then everybodys favourite…WATER WARS!!!

We had loads of different fun games with a watery theme before the big fight using sponges, water guns, buckets, cups and some very annoying hoses-or at least they were when the adults (Mr Eades and Mr Campbell) turned them on  us.


Buggys came next. After a little quiz-beautifully sung by Indi, we began to build our transport home-the Wonderbuggy. We had barrels, wooden beams and a LOT of rope and our scout/cadet knowledge of knots came in handy. We managed at least 50 metres before it collapsed-much refinement needed before the journey home on Friday,

Free time followed-football for Alex while Aalto sun-bathed (with cream obviously Mum) and then…


This scored much higher than lunch- a full roast turkey delight. Mr Curry was overheard saying ‘It’s just like Christmas dinner without the Christmas….make us a cup of tea love!’

Now we’re just heading off for a lovely warm campfire with delicious marshmallows…..Hasta la Vista-Alex and Aalto.

Day 3

At year six camp today we woke up to sunny skies and a slight breeze. We quickly got ready and walked downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, we set off to our activity groups. Some of us enjoyed the fun experience of crate stacking where we wore harnesses and helmets and a pair of children would have to stand on a stack of  crates and have more crates stacked under them and then balance.

Another activity we  did was body zorbing, We  got into a body zorb ball and bashed into each other to see who was the last person standing.  Last but not least some of us were able to meet children from another school in Trowbridge when we joined forces to pelt each other with water in the infamous WATER WARS !!!

As we were the second team to do it today the grass had turned into a quagmire and we got covered in mud! (Sorry parents)

We have had a lovely day but are definitely ready for bed so that we can be game on for the disco tomorrow night……more of that in a later blog.

Day 4
The day started early. 50 tired faces walked over the dew-ridden grass to the dining room for an English breakfast, then we left for our activities. In the second session, we all went to the pool for the water rollers, which is a giant tube that you run in. We all helplessly tried to stand up but failed miserably. While we were waiting, in the other half of the pool, we all fought to get a float.
Pizza and chips were wolfed down instantly for lunch. Before we knew it we were back outside. Mr Eades joined in with the body zorbing which was enjoyed by everyone.  Group 4 took turns to face him in a body zorbing, sumo wrestling match. Each person would take turns to run into Mr Eades but then be flipped backwards.
At the end of the night, we had a HUGE disco to celebrate our time at camp. After that, we all shared our favourite memories of camp together. Soon after, we went to bed for a needed good night sleep.