Bristol Whitebeam

18th May 2016

As the culimination of the 'One Tree Per Child' initiative that Bristol City Council have been running for the last year, Christ Church School was selected to have one of the 70 'Bristol Whitebeam' trees that the Botanical Gardens have been cultivating.  This strain of the Whitebeam tree is indigenous to Bristol and grows in the Avon Gorge.  Under the initiative, the children were all earlier in the year offered an apple or pear tree to take home and plant. 

It was lovely for them to be part of the end of this initiative with a Bristol Whitebeam being planted within our playground.

The Bristol Whitebeam, named by the children 'Sir Tree-alot', has been welcomed into his new home at the top of the playground near the pirate ship - a prime spot from whence to watch the fun and games and jousting on the school playground!  Sir Tree-alot is currently very much a baby, but just like our reception children, will grow and flourish into a mature and lovely member of our school community!