Welcome to 6ED - our wonderful class.


We are extremely friendly, co-operative and excited to be at the top of the school…at last!

We are looking forward to lots of activities this year such as camp, swimming and …of course… SATS … not.

“I’m looking forward to maths this year because Mrs Derrington loves it!” George M.

“Year 6 isn’t as bad as they say,” Ed. (It’s only day 2!!! Mrs D.)

“I’m excited to make friends in my new school,” Adam.

 Feel free to pop in and check out our beautiful classroom…if you dare.

 Click on links below to see the great sports and music events we have participated in....

Yr 6 Maths Competition:
Our mathematicians travelled to the Explore Learning Centre in Cabot Circus on Wednesday to represent Christ Church in a national maths competition. It was a tricky problem, that involved problem solving, skill and teamwork. This was Round One - stay tuned for results and whether we have progressed to Round Two which takes place in a couple of weeks.
Year 6 have enjoyed a fabulous Art Week focusing on the picture 'Arnolfini Portrait' by Jan Van Eyck as part of our exploration of Gothic Art.

We have undertaken a variety of activities including looking at Art History, studying the life and times of the artist, considering the symbolism inherent in the picture and re-creating the entire portrait in a collage! (That was fun!)

We also went to Clifton College to print pictures of the dog in the portrait who symbolised fidelity. Under the tutelage of the artist Mary Collet, we learnt about the technique of reversing drawings and transferring onto lino squares. We then learnt how to safely gouge out the white areas of our drawing and finally Mary printed them for us using a printing machine that was similar to a mangle. Some of us worked in school with Mrs Clements to print as well.
Please come to the Art Trail to see the results of our hardwork.