5RB at the Leonardo Exhibition

3rd May 2019
Last Tuesday 5RB headed down to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery to take part in an art workshop based on portraiture. We first got to learn a bit about Leonardo da Vinci before visiting the Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing exhibition. The children loved learning facts about him before looking at some of his drawings. Did you know he was a polymath – an accomplished artist, scientist and inventor? Once we had looked at his drawings we headed upstairs to the permanent Art Gallery where we had a chance to create some of our own portraits. Led by an artist, we looked at facial expressions and how this can tell you information about the sitter of a portrait and had a go at drawing our partner and trying to capture their emotion. Finally we looked at symbolism in some portraits and thought about what symbols we could use to represent us. The children had a fantastic morning and the staff at the museum were very impressed with our budding artists.