3TC - 18/19


Welcome back to all the children, parents and carers. I hope you have had a wonderful summer break and have had ample time to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of friends and family. As always, the summer holidays have flashed past within the blink of an eye. However, 3TC have an exciting year ahead of them as they embark on their first steps of key stage 2!

Already the children have created a class charter so that our class is a fair and happy place. It reads as follows:

  • Always be respectful to everything – everyone has a right to learn and a right to be happy.
  • Be kind to others and treat them how you want to be treated.
  • Happiness spreads, your happiness will make other people happy.
  • Be aware of other people’s feelings and make sure everyone is included

As we aim to really encourage the children's independence this year, we expect pupils to take responsibility in ensuring their homework is complete and their P.E is in school. Homework goes out on Friday and is expected the following Thursday. Our current P.E timetable is on Wednesday and Friday afternoon. 

We are all looking forward to an excellent year in 3TC! I am always available at the end of the day for a brief chat, if you wish to have a longer discussion I am more than happy to schedule a meeting for a future date.

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