Welcome to 2KH

Hello and welcome to 2KH.  We are a lovely, friendly bunch who are really looking forward to another exciting year here at Christ Church Primary. 

We hope you find our class webpage useful and will keep popping back to look at the photos to see what we have been getting up to.   It’s also where you can find termly newsletters and spelling lists.


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Year 2 have had an amazing week learning all about impressionism. The painting we chose to focus on was Claude Monet’s Water Lily Pond. We looked closely at the different parts of the painting and talked about what we could see.

Throughout the week we have completed several different pieces of art work, including creating clay water lilies, silk painting, tissue collage, pointillism paintings and a collaborative recreation of The Water Lily Pond itself.

We are all really pleased and proud of the work we have produced and look forward to exhibiting it for you to see at the Clifton Art Trail.